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For 60 years, NAKATA KOGEI has been creating wooden hangers with love and careful consideration. With an eye for detail and quality materials, we provide hangers with beautiful designs made exclusively by experienced craftsmen. The result: a finely crafted product with superb functionality. We generally deal with bulk order clients but we also fulfill small quantity orders. With the focus on satisfying the individual needs of each customer, our services range from specially custom-made, inscription and reformed hangers.

In July 2007, we opened the hanger showroom, NAKATA HANGER, in Tokyo. Located in the heart of the Japanese fashion district, it provides customers with the opportunity to experience the form, color, and texture of our hangers with all the senses. Being able to actually feel and see the way the hangers function, you are better equipped to find the best hanger to fit your demand.

Online Shop   
We also provide hangers through our website, NAKATAKOGEI online shop ( Other specially crafted wooden products are available online such as rack, torsos, shoehorns, brushes, and hanger accessories.* The name Hanger-Network reflects our hope to create intriguing relationships with users who prefer the stylish things in life.
*Currently, the distribution is limited within Japan.